środa, 12 października 2016


I have been to Turkey three times. I am in love with this country. I was sunbathing, swimming in the sea and relaxing. I also saw beautiful places and got to know some Turkish history. I would like to go there one more time. Next time I want to go to Stambul and visit Topkapi Palace.The place I want to see is Turkey. I want to go  to Stambul. This is an amazing city the biggest in Turkey. I want to see Cappadocia. Asia


I was in Rome, Italy two years ago. It was great. I spent a great time there. I tried new dishes and saw a lot of amazing places. For me, the best place was the Colloseum. Italy is a place where I would love to go there one more time but maybe not Roma because I think all cities are gorgegous there. In my opinion everyone should go to this breathtaking country.
The place I want to see is Italy. This is one of the most beautiful place in Europe. I want to see: Venice, Rome, Florence and Pisa. I love eating se I want to try Italian dishes. For example lasagne, ravioli, risotto, pizza, spaghetti.
The place I want to see is Italy because I really want to try its regional dishes and go sightseeing in Venice. In my opinion this place is beautiful and amazing.
I want to go to Italy, because it is hot there and there are beautiful vievs. I want to try pizza and pasta. Actually, there is one more reason - siesta. Their language sounds well, so I could stay there for some weeks.


Germany is one of the places where I always want to go to. i want to visit Berlin because there are beautiful monuments like Museum Island and try German cuisine. Besides I would like to see The Black ForestI've been to Germany twice. It was an amazing experience. The cities: Dresden and Emmendingen were beautiful and the people who lived there were kind. I hope I'll go there one more time.


I want to go to France. I like this culture. In future I will go there. It is my dream. I was in France one day. I can say it was wonderful. I want to see The Mont Saint Michel because it is a very fascinating place


One of my dreams is to go to Spain. I want to visit Barcelona. Why? Because it's the most beautiful city in world. Close to Barcelona there is a small town Figureas - there is museum of Salvador Dali. He was an amazing painter so I want to go there too.

czwartek, 6 października 2016

I spent my holidays in Przebrno with my friends. It was a very good camp. My friends and I were sleeping in tents. It was a really interesting experience. I had a great weather so we spent most of our time on the beach – there we were playing cards and volleyball.
I met cool people. I had a great time there. 
The last days of holidays my parents and I spent in Slovakia. We were at the aqua park which is called,, Tatralandia ''. There were a lot of healing swimming pools and amazing slides.  I ate special pancakes there. It was a delicious meal. We spent 3 days there.


I spent my holidays by the Rożnowskie Lake. There are a lot of beautiful views over there. I went there with my dad. We had a great time.

My holidays were wonderful!
I was in Emmendingen, Germany at the end of June. I was there with my friends from my dance group.

Me and my best friends

I was in the mountains with my family in August. It was a really nice time.

My ice cream in the mountains 

                                                I was in Warsaw in my family house


I spent my holidays in Szczawnica. It is on the South of Poland near Slovakia. Highlander houses made from wood with characteristic roofs  and atmosphere are really amazing. Town square is big with mountain views. It lies in the Pieniny Mountains- adorable mountains. Not far is Sromowce Niżne, where you can start walk next to Dunajec river and see beautiful views of this river and the mountains.
 I saw a lot of incredible things there and tried traditional dishes - the best was "gałuski". People there were very nice for me and my family. I think Szczawnica is the best town, which I have ever been to.